Inflamed pancreas

Inflammation of the pancreas can be caused by the pancreatic juices that somehow become unable to enter the intestine. This means that a blockage of some sort occurring in the pancreatic duct, which prevents the natural flow of pancreatic juices to the intestine, is the root cause of pancreatitis. Inflammation and scarring in the pancreatic tissues can result when the pancreatic juices begin to work on cells in the pancreas itself. Below are listed some main causes of this condition.

•Genetic factors
•Alcohol abuse
•Abdominal trauma
•Congenital malformations in pancreas
•Narrow bile duct
•High triglyceride levels

Sudden inflammation in the pancreas, often only lasting for a short time period, are the characteristics of acute pancreatitis. However, if the pancreas becomes permanently scarred and the patient cannot recover, this is a condition known as chronic pancreatitis. One main cause of chronic pancreatitis is alcoholism.

 Inflamed Pancreas Symptoms

A major symptom of pancreatitis is pain in the upper abdominal region. This pain can persist for days and may even radiate towards the back. However there are some rare cases people who experience no pain at all while suffering from pancreatitis. Lower abdominal pain is rarely observed in cases of pancreatitis. Below are listed acute pancreatitis symptoms.

•Swollen Abdomen
•Tenderness of the abdominal region
•Sudden upper abdominal pain
•Pain in the abdomen after eating

Severe complications can develop if pancreatitis is not found and diagnosed in the early stages. Such severe complications can include breathing problems, kidney failure, pancreatic cancer, diabetes and more. This is why it is a must to diagnose and treat pancreatitis as early as possible. Someone who is suffering from upper abdominal pain on a frequent basis needs to seek immediate medical advice in an attempt to determine possible causes of the pain. Certain tests such as a CT scan, blood tests, Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI, ultrasonography of the abdominal region and more may be performed by the doctor in order to determine a diagnosis of an inflamed pancreas. Until an exact cause of the pancreatitis can be confirmed, hospitalization is usually recommended by doctors.

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