Pimple on tongue

While not a serious condition, tongue pimples can be very painful. This is particularly due to the fact that, given the nature of the affected area, a tongue pimple can hinder a task as simple as eating. Just one pimple can cause a considerable amount of pain and discomfort while chewing. In addition to this, a tongue pimple can even cause significant discomfort when talking. Therefore, it is very important to develop a way of controlling and preventing this condition.

Both the size of the pimple and its location upon the tongue can affect the amount of pain experienced by the sufferer. A large pimple located on the center of the tongue will cause a significant amount of pain. Meanwhile, a small pimple located on the end of the tongue may only cause slight discomfort when eating, with little other effects experienced by the sufferer the rest of the time.

There are many different causes for the development of tongue pimples.

Food allergies may cause an outbreak of tongue pimples. Foods which are particularly prone to causing tongue pimples include large quantities of foods that are high in acid and oily foods such as fried chips.

Hormonal imbalance is another cause, with the changes in hormone levels associated with pregnancy often resulting in pimple outbreaks, including on the tongue.

Canker sores can result in the formation of lesions on the tongue, accompanied by a burning sensation. These may be mistaken for tongue pimples as they start off similar in appearance before developing into open wounds.

A common cause for tongue pimples is tongue injury. The skin of the tongue is extremely fragile and repeated biting of the tongue while eating, usually going unnoticed by the individual, can result in the development of pimples.

Finally, a pimple may form as a result of oral thrush, appearing as a white bump and causing irritation to the affected area. Due to the nature of yeast infections, a severe infection will usually not remain localized to the tongue and is likely to spread to other areas of the mouth including the inner cheeks and the palate.

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