Protein deficiency symptoms

A health condition that can be responsible for many incidents of health hazards, including various diseases and starvation across the world, is protein deficiency. Third World countries bear the major brunt of protein deficiency related diseases, but this condition can be found in all countries. No matter if it is a developing or developed country, poverty is a major indicator for this condition. Unfortunately, children under age five make up a huge portion of patients suffering from this condition.

Medically speaking the term protein deficiency refers to a condition where insufficient amounts of protein are found in the body. Malnutrition, lack of knowledge concerning foods that contain protein, a restrictive diet and more can all be causes of this condition. Protein is the major source for amino acids which helps in human growth, especially in areas of the body like muscles and hair. Too much protein can be as bad for your health as being deficient in protein. Factors such as physical activity or age helps to determine the proper level of protein intake that a person needs. If not enough protein is present in the diet, the body will use proteins found in the muscles to meet its requirements. Even in otherwise healthy people, serious health conditions can arise, ranging from muscles atrophy to hair loss and more.

Symptoms of Protein Deficiency

Different parts of the body can reflect when our bodies are not being provided with the proper amount of protein that it requires. The body can rely on muscles and other sources of protein within the body when the body is not receiving the protein required from diet, this is why symptoms usually take time to really start to show up. Often the initial signs of protein deficiency are as simple energy levels decreasing and extreme fatigue. This condition must be attended to quickly as it can rapidly worsen and death can even result. Some of the more common symptoms of protein deficiency are:

• Extreme stomach pain
• Lack of sleep
• Nausea
• Severe headache
• Slow healing of wounds
• Sore muscles
• Skin problems
• Hair problems
• Brittle nails
• Edema
• Loss of muscles which causes weight loss and weakness

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