What does heartburn feel like

Do you ever wonder what heartburn actually feels like? Well, it’s an unpleasant sensation of a burning pain located behind the sternum, or breastbone, which also may occasionally be felt in the throat. Generally heartburn occurs after meals, when you are lying down, and quite often, when you are sleeping.

Heartburn in pregnancy is very common. It generally happens after you have eaten and can last for just a short while or it can go on for a while. The sensation of burning is experienced in the chest, and it can also rise into the throat, and be very uncomfortable. Sometimes the sensation can be experienced very high up in the throat. It can be made worse by swallowing. The burning sensation is caused by acid reflux, when the stomach acids get past the esophagus and enter he upper digestive tract.

A sour or bitter taste in the mouth is a common symptom of heartburn. This is caused when the stomach acids rise up the digestive tract into the throat. You might experience a choking sensation or a pressure in your chest as food become stuck and can’t pass through the system as normal. This coughing is caused by the breathing in of stomach acids which have reached the upper digestive system

You may also experience difficulties in eating and swallowing, a feeling of choking or burning, when the food can’t pass easily down the esophagus and on into the stomach. These kinds of symptoms may be indicative of other medical conditions as well as heartburn. If you experience these symptoms, do consult your doctor.

If you often have heartburn, you might also experience problems with continuous coughing. Around 41% of people who are troubled by coughing aren’t smokers. You might also experience difficulties in breathing. Gastroesophagal Reflux Disease has been shown by several studies to have associations with asthma. Asthma like symptoms occur when stomach acids end up being able to be breathed in as they have entered the respiratory system.

Children can also experience heartburn, they may complain of back ache when they eat, chest pains, sickness, difficulty breathing, fretfulness, difficulties in swallowing and so on. Children with heartburn will not be able to thrive and gain weight. Sores in the esophagus may also occur as a result of the action of gastric acids.

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